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Designed and lead the development from A to Z with CMS implementation.
Published a free tool for Singapore businesses to kickstart their sustainable journey.
You can view the fully responsive website here.


Pen, Papers, Google Sheets, Sketch, Webflow


UX / UI Design, Web Design, CMS, SEO, Usability Testing

Current situation

More and more people (partners, customers, employees, institutions) are asking for responsible actions. To be competitive in the long run, businesses have to integrate sustainability in their daily operations.

The Matcha Initiative platform has been created in Singapore, by a group of hands-on individuals that aim for a better future. This B2B platform is here to support businesses of all industries and all sizes to be more sustainable.

Problem statement

While the COVID-19 and the coming climate crisis have made “business as usual” obsolete, the users needs a website that provides access to reliable resources and ready-made solutions about improving the sustainability journey in their companies. 

User stories

As a user, I want to expand my knowledge towards sustainability but I don’t know where to start. 

As a user, I want to help my company implementing sustainable actions.

As a user, I want to connect with experts to get the most relevant solutions to my needs.

As a user, I want the list of sustainable suppliers per industry in Singapore. 


Below are sketches that were provided by the stakeholders to kick off the design.

Mockups & Experience

The jungle green combined with the pale cyan colors remind the user this sense of nature and serenity when navigating on the platform.

The dense amount of content has been categorised to makes the user journey more accessible.

Filtering features have been implemented to help the users to fine-tune their research.

The platform is fully responsive and optimise for SEO.

Usability testing

In total, 16 participants tested the website. They were given specific scenarios based on their profile: 
- Businesses that already operate in the sustainability sector
- Businesses that want to move towards sustainability
- Users that are into sustainability but have no related business

Rainbow spreadsheet

Issues were classified into different groups (UX, UI and Visual, Microcopy and Communication, Others) and were ranged by severity level.

Thanks to the testing, these issues below could have been updated: 
- Implemented a search bar for easier navigation
- Fixed dead links
- Reduced wordy content with imagery and/or shorter explanations

Rainbow Spreadsheet - Identify the severity of issues from the usability test

Thank you for having taking the time to consult my work.

What went well

Working for a meaningful purpose with passionate individuals - Invest in sustainability actions has now become a necessity for the future of humankind.

What could be better

Communication - Clearly define the scope at the beginning of the project to avoid last-minute add-ons that slowed down the project.

Technical limitations - Webflow couldn't support all the features requested by the stakeholders.

You can view the live responsive website that resume the work you just went through here.


The best way to predict the future is to create it.